How to End Pregnancy with RU 486 Kit?

How to End Pregnancy with RU 486 Kit? However, a similar circumstance winds up repulsive for those ladies who can’t admit their pregnancy in light of a few reasons. Therefore, the only solution remains for them is RU486 to end their pregnancy.

unwanted pregnancy statistics

Over 60 per cent of unintended pregnancies, and almost 30 per cent of all pregnancies, end in abortion. 45 per cent of all abortions performed globally are unsafe. Read More

What is RU 486 Kit?

The medications used in terminating a pregnancy are called abortion pills and they come in a RU 486 Kit. This process is also known as Medical Abortion. There are two stages in a medical abortion. The First stage is a medical checkup to identify the gestation period. The RU 486 Kit is only for the women who are 10 weeks pregnant or less than that.
The next stage includes the intake of RU 486 Kit. RU 486 Kit is actually two different medications (Mifepristone and Misoprostol) which are together known as the RU 486 Kit. The drug Mifepristone is a hormone progesterone antagonist. The medicine is considered the main medicine in the medical abortion procedure. The pill blocks the nutrients and oxygen to reach the progesterone hormone, the main hormone in the pregnancy. Thus, the fetus stops responding and becomes lifeless.
Followed by the next drug in the medical abortion procedure, Misoprostol is consumed after 24 to 72 hours of Mifepristone intake. This medicine completes the abortion procedure by expelling the dead fetus tissues out of the body.

Preparations before using RU 486 Kit

Every work needs some preparations so as Medical abortion. A woman needs to be fully prepared prior to the abortion to avoid any kind of hustle during and after the abortion. Following are some suggestions to consider before using RU 486 Kit –

  • You should be mentally prepared for an abortion as the method is irreversible. Some women usually regret their decision after eliminating the child. So, it is very important to be fully sure about your decision. If you have any kind of doubt, you can talk to your physician.
  • Check your gestation period and your eligibility of having a medical abortion. For this, you have to share all your medical state and history with your gynaecologist.
  • Once the doctor recommends you to have a medical abortion, you can buy an RU 486 Kit from a local drugstore or from an online pharmacy.
  • Keep a stock of sanitary pads ready for the bleeding after the medicine intake.
  • Have painkillers and other side effects counter medicines handy.
  • Comfort yourself with little loose clothes and have some soft pillows with you.
  • Heating pads and bottles can help in tacking with abdominal pain.
  • Keep a thermometer with you to check your body temperature.
  • And the most important one, a friend or a companion. You will need some one’s help after having an abortion. Take someone with you to the hospital, if you are taking RU 486 Kit there. And if, you are conducting the whole procedure at home, let someone be with you to help you with the procedure.

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