Misodel The Best Way of Ending Pregnancy

Oral contraceptive abortion pills are the most popular method used for ending a pregnancy. Misodel is one such kind of abortion pill which is known for giving 100 per cent efficient results in fetus removal. Millions of women around the world chose Misodel to end their unwanted pregnancy. The FDA has also approved the medicine as the best way of inhibiting unwanted child.

Misodel is also known as Cytotec, Cytolog, and Misoprostol etc. The medicine has grabbed an immense position in the pharmaceutical market. It has helped people all over for proper maintenance of proper abortion. Now, there is no more looking back to the days when one has to go through a surgery for an abortion. There are a number of medicinal products which offers secured ways towards medical abortion.

Misodel is one of such essential medicinal products which have been loaded in the drug markets all across the globe and helping with effective measures of medical abortion for the females. It has been proved as very effective in ending an early gestation by different health organization like Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and World Health Organization (WHO). The medicine is also used to treat ulcers.

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Consumption Method of Misodel

The medicine has almost 70 per cent of the effective rate in ending a pregnancy if consumed alone. Usually, doctors recommend taking the medicine along with Mifeprex to have better results. The combination of Misodel and Mifeprex shows the results of almost 95 to 97 per cent.

Misodel is advised to be taken around after 48 hours of Mifeprex intake. Take 4 tablets of Misodel buccally (put in the cheek pouches) and let the pills dissolve for 30 minutes before swallowing.

You can even take the medicine vaginally. Just insert 4 Misodel pills deep inside vagina so as it is close to the womb. Insert the medicine using your fingers. Avoid using any kind of tools in order to prevent infections. The vaginal method takes much time in dissolving the medicines as compared to the oral method. That is why; women prefer using Misodel orally than vaginally.

Self Care Before and After Using Misodel

A woman should consider some important points before using Misodel to have successful results without any complications. For instance-

  • Avoid using Misodel if you are suffering from adrenal gland problems, heart disease, liver or kidney disorder, ectopic pregnancy, or have an allergy of abortion pills.
  • Opt for Misodel only when you are up to 10 weeks pregnant. Have a medical checkup to get the accurate duration of your gestation.
  • Be ready with your post-abortion care pack having maxi pads and painkillers.

After having an abortion with Misodel, a woman may go through vaginal bleeding, cramping, abdominal pain and some other minimal side effects. Consider these points after having a medical abortion-

  • For managing excessive bleeding, you can take anti-coagulant medicine on doctor’s prescription.
  • Use Sanitary napkins or maxi pads instead of using tampons.
  • Avoid running, swimming or exercising for a few days after having Misodel.
  • Intake of alcohol and smoking is also prohibited.
  • Avoid breastfeeding until the abortion is completely over.
  • Take complete rest for almost a week to recover from the weakness of abortion.

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