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Did you know you could even earn money online with us?? Invest $75 and get $100 per kit, Send mail on info@abortionpillcare.com with the subject line “Affiliate Business” 

How can you actually earn money online?

As we all know that it’s very difficult to get MTP Kits quickly due to the transit time or delivery time and people generally find it difficult to receive the product in time as it generally is sent from overseas.

What you could do is affiliate with us, we have a lot of customers who order the product from us and who need the product fast.

Due to constraints and issues with the authorities, we face issues storing the product in our US warehouse and need to keep changing our warehouse address frequently.

Here, you come into the picture … we give you a guaranteed income plan where you can order 5 MTP Kits from us which usually cost $149 per kit but as you would be ordering 5, we will give them to you at $75 each.

That means you spent $375 for 5 kits with free shipping!!! We are here to earn money online! We could work with other products too if you are interested.

Now, when we receive an order for an MTP kit, we will pass the order to you where you need to simply pack the kit in an envelope and ship it to the address we send you. Once you do that and the product reaches the desired address in USA, we send you $100 instead of $75 in your PayPal account or in Bitcoin.

Test Kit

You could start with a test kit with ordering 3 kits to try and test the business for which you would spend $370 (Product @ $ 95 / kit and $85 shipping for all three kits together) and you earn $50 Per Kit extra. So whenever there is shipping created for the product we will pay you $145 Per Kit.

So in this case, you would earn $435 back

Total Profit of $65!!!


You would spend $375 (Product @ $ 75 / kit and Free Shipping for all five kits together) and you earn $25 Per Kit extra. So whenever there is a shipping created for the product we will pay you a total of $100 Per Kit.

You earn $25 per kit so for 5 kits you earn $125 over and above what you have invested!!!


Why Are We Doing This?  

  • This helps us to deliver the product faster
  • No Need to store the product in one place
  • Wide Spread of the product so that it will be delivered in different states across US from nearest storing unit.
  • Our affiliates earn REAL MONEY GUARANTEED so everyone is happy!

What is the Guarantee Of The Product Disbursement?

As we all know that this product is an essential product and is not a luxury product. We receive a lot of orders online across the world mostly from USA (95% Business is USA Based Business). We guarantee you that your stock shall be utilized within a week of you receiving it.

CASE STUDY  – How to Make Money Online From Home

One of our customers Samantha Gautier contacted us to purchase the MTP kit and inquired for 1 MTP Kit which cost $149 (Product cost) and $100 (US to US Shipping) so the total was $249. She opted for 5 Kits and paid $375 instead and earned over and above her investment!

Let’s earn money online together!!! Happy Earning!!!

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