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What is MTP Kit?

MTP Kit is a combination pack of 2 medications which are Mifepristone and Misoprostol, this is basically used for termination of an early-stage pregnancy (i.e before completion of 9 weeks of ongoing pregnancy). Many women choose medical abortion with MTP Kit as it does not involve any surgery and it enables privacy for a woman to choose abortion.

What does the MTP Kit comprise of?

Each pack of MTP Kit comprises of 5 tablets over-all which are as follows.

1) One pill of Mifepristone, which contains 200 mg of Mifepristone as an active ingredient.

2) Four pills of Misoprostol, which contains 200 mcg of Misoprostol each. (i.e. 800 mcg in total).

How to use the MTP Kit?

Firstly it is essential to confirm your pregnancy period by your menstrual history or by a pregnancy test calculator available on numerous pharmacy sites. For the purpose of this treatment, you are required to determine your gestation period also, it is essential to get an ultrasound pregnancy test done to validate that the pregnancy is intrauterine and not ectopic as in case of ectopic pregnancy medical abortion is not possible, you may have to go through a surgical abortion.

However, the dosage pattern of MTP Kit is as follows:

200 mg of Mifepristone followed by Misoprostol 800 mcg 1-2 days later.

The first medicine is required to be taken orally with water and the second pill Misoprostol can be taken in 2 ways one is by vaginal and the other one is buccal. You can follow whichever method you find more convenient and suitable. After taking both the abortion pill your abortion procedure may start and get complete within 8-10 days, however, if you find any difficulty you can reach out to your medicinal practitioner.

After completion of the procedure, you should check out after approx. 15 days after the administration of the abortion pills to verify and confirm that your pregnancy termination has successfully occurred. Women who still address ongoing pregnancy in the visit and carry a danger of fetal malformation causing from the medical abortion than in such case surgical abortion is advised to manage the medical termination failures.

How efficient is the abortion pill?

The abortion pill turns out to be very effective. The effectiveness generally depends on the period of pregnancy and when you take the medication. However, the primary percentage of effectiveness is mentioned below;

•Women who are in the 1-8 weeks of gestation period then the pill is 98-99% effective.

•Women who are in the 9-10 weeks of gestation period then the pill is 94-96% effective.

•Women who are above 10 weeks of gestation period then the pill is 90-91% effective.

The abortion pills are effective if you take the pills as recommended, however, in case if the pills do not show an effective result then you may need to go for a surgical abortion to complete the abortion procedure.

What are the contraindications and important precautions linked with the abortion pill?

The administration of abortion pills for the cessation of pregnancy is contraindicated in the following condition.

1- A record of allergic reactions towards Misoprostol or Mifepristone or any other prostaglandins

2- An intrauterine device in place

3-Suspected or affirmed ectopic pregnancy or unidentified adnexal mass (this treatment will not be suitable for ectopic condition)

4- Inherited porphyria

5- Long-lasting adrenal failure

6- Synchronized long-term corticosteroid treatment

7- Hemorrhagic disorders or coexisting anticoagulant remedy

8- Severe asthma problem, etc.

This treatment procedure is not recommended if you do not have emergency access to the medical amenities fortified to provide urgent aid to unsuccessful abortion, blood transfusions during the initial visit unless executed by the specialist doctor.

Any IUD instrument installed must be withdrawn before initiating the termination treatment with the abortion pill.

Surgery must be concluded if the pregnancy termination with MTP Kit is unsuccessful to terminate the intrauterine pregnancy. Women should take complete rest and do not indulge in any kind of activity such as work, lifting, gymming and among others.

What are the expected side effects of MTP Kit?

Mifepristone and Misoprostol can cause some moderate side effects so inform your practitioner if any of these symptoms are severe or don’t go away within 1-2 days.

Side effects include:


•Vaginal bleeding, itching, discharge

•Pelvic pain

•Heavy bleeding or spotting

•Headache, body pain, etc.

Some side effects can be severe and if you experience any other symptoms or any unusual problems after taking the abortion pills then take medical assistance immediately.

What are the essential precautions you must follow after the abortion procedure?

After the medical termination of pregnancy, you must take complete bed rest till you feel good and get back to normal condition. For some weeks don’t use any intrauterine devices, and avoid intimate sessions.

Do not involve in physical exercise and traveling while you are on the abortion process.

Do not eat dairy products as it can lead to infection

Do not take medicines that cause bleeding also inform your physician about the medicines you take.

A healthy diet can help you to recover faster and reduce your weakness.

What to do in case of a Missed dose and Overdose?

In the case of medical abortion, it is better to take the medicine as directed and do not miss any dose for the best results. However, if you miss a dose then take the medicine as soon as possible or call your medical expert for advice.

Overdose: In the case of abortion pills, overdose can cause symptoms like dizziness, seizures, drowsiness, slow/irregular heartbeat, etc. so if a woman takes overdose then she should go to the medical practitioner immediately.

How to store the abortion pills?

MTP kit should be stored in a dry cool place at normal room temperature (i.e 25 degree C) away from heat, moist.

These medications are to be kept away from small children and pets.

Also, apart from storage, the medicines should be disposed properly and should not be thrown into drainage, flushed down or thrown with household waste. Ask your medical expert about the proper disposal method.

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33 Reviews For This Product

  1. 33

    by Kathy

    This pharmacy is user-friendly and the MTP Kit is really very effective.

  2. 33

    by Alicia

    MTP kit is very useful thanks for suggesting me the pills.

  3. 33

    by Phyllis

    Good one. MTP Kit makes the abortion truly effective and successful. Thanks for sending the pills on time.

  4. 33

    by Issey Ekayaim

    Delivered what they promised product Mtp kit, quicker than they promised at a good price in USA.

  5. 33

    by Phoebe Robles

    abortion pills were prescribed by my doc for abortion, was confused to search for a pill and after few days I read about online pills and its process. The pill cost was to my pocket and so I ordered pills it helped me, people.

  6. 33

    by Brittany Jones

    I heard a lot about MTP kit product but never thought I would have to buy it to end my pregnancy. I was almost scared to have a medical abortion. Everything went well though…I am overall satisfied with the service…

  7. 33

    by Tania Crowe

    Thank you for your abortion pills worked. And I just checked my pregnancy status today, I am not pregnant any more. Thank you for making my valentines day full of love and not stressful!

  8. 33

    by Jennifer Spinnin

    I wanted to get my abortion done before holidays. Thank you for the discount and pills too! It’s because of you that I can freely go for vacationing!

  9. 33

    by Lisa Robles

    I was concerned if I should trust the website. I made payment through Wother because that easier for me crossed my fingers! so glad that everything went well and I got the pills on time!

  10. 33

    by Sophie Bates

    This MTP Kit is worthy of having an abortion. I have faced a lot of cramps and abdomen pain but it actually worked and I did not have to wait for long to worry about my pregnancy

  11. 33

    by Julie Jenkins

    I did feel the expected pain and had heavy bleeding. But I’m just happy that the MTP kit I ordered from here really worked for me.

  12. 33

    by Lena Charles

    As per prescription, I bought MTP Kit its worked well & I liked how the FAQ section covered every little thing. A big thumbs up…!!

  13. 33

    by Shirley Jones

    Pretty happy I got both necessary pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol in one single MTP Kit.

  14. 33

    by Sonny Annaguey

    After pregnancy confirmed I took the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Kit, from this website it worked as promised… happy with the results.

  15. 33

    by Maya

    Thank you for all the support and care you people gave me. I ended my pregnancy only with your support.

  16. 33

    by Mia

    This website is super user-friendly. Got all the information via live chat. They are so supportive and helpful. The delivery was on time in fact much earlier than other websites.

  17. 33

    by Brooklyn

    Mtp kit is an affordable knock off the other medicines. I was initially hesitant from the negative review but there seemed to be some good reviews and I ended up buying it.

  18. 33

    by Avery

    The price of the abortion pill is affordable. And the website is good. You can buy pills easily.

  19. 33

    by Brooklyn

    Thankssss. This was my first abortion and I felt very normal as if I am in my regular period. MTP Kit is such a great combination of both abortion pills which are very effective and give positive results. Thank you so much for delivering the pill on time.

  20. 33

    by Sharon

    Really good service, had a successful abortion,I am really thankful that you guys kept no need for me to consult a gynecologist for the procedure.

  21. 33

    by Jane

    Thank you for delivering me the medicines on time. The delivery guy had worn a mask and proper hygiene protocols were followed. This website is pretty good.

  22. 33

    by Stephanie

    I am from New York got my MTP Kit from this site, and I received my parcel with in 4 days. Thank you for the fast delivery and recommend it to all females. we are very lucky to have this abortion pills online. Painful experience but great results

  23. 33

    by Brooklyn

    Mtp kit is an affordable knock off the other medicines. I was initially hesitant from the negative review but there seemed to be some good reviews and I ended up buying it. It worked for me very well.

  24. 33

    by Alana Rawling

    i am 22 years old and i was not ready for child so early. i ordered MTP kit online and took it, after 2 hours i started bleeding and it was paining so badly but i got rid out of my unplanned pregnancy safely.

  25. 33

    by Sofia

    MTP Kit is the best pill for ending an 8 weeks gestation. I had a successful abortion. Thanks a lot

  26. 33

    by Shawn Biddle

    I followed all the protocols properly with great care and terminated my pregnancy. Thankfully the MTP Kit.

  27. 33

    by Rozella

    MTP KIT cost USA is affordable. You can get the pill in 3 to 4 days only.

  28. 33

    by Maranda

    Mifepristone pill is relevant for pregnancy termination. I will suggest this product from the store.

  29. 33

    by Vanessa

    I am released from the pressures of an unplanned pregnancy at last. The MTP Kit abortion pill was eminent in making this happen.

  30. 33

    by Edna Horton

    The BUY MTP KIT is a remarkable solution with a variety of abortion pills, each addressing different symptoms during a medical abortion. Its comprehensive approach ensures a smoother, more comfortable experience.

  31. 33

    by Jessica

    The BUY MTP KIT helps in terminating an unwanted or early pregnancy of up to 8 weeks. I used it when I was 2 weeks pregnant. I had light cramps and some bleeding, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle.

  32. 33

    by Andrea

    My experience with this online pharmacy was positive. The customer support team is helpful and the website is easy to navigate. The product delivery was also on time.

  33. 33

    by Sophia

    I must say, MTP Kit pills are my favorite among the batch. I had a hassle-free abortion using these pills. They are truly the best.

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