Plan B- The Right Measure to Prevent Pregnancy

Last night, when you were sexually engaged with your partner, you didn’t realize that you are doing it without protection. The time when you realize about this, it’s already late. You get horrified and don’t know what to do next.

This situation often comes in a woman’s life because the consequences of unprotected have to be borne by the female partner only. The result of an unprotected sex can be a huge problem for a woman. At this situation, the only solution seems to be is Plan B.

Plan B is a morning after pill which prevents pregnancy in a woman after having an unprotected sex. The advised consumption period of the medicine is within 72 hours of unsecured copulation. The efficacy rate of medicine is higher when it is consumed within 24 hours of intercourse. The medicine is approved by the FDA and supposed to be consumed with adequate water.

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How Plan B Works?

Levonorgestrel is the main component in the medicine. This progestin containing pill prevents ovulation and stops fertilization of eggs. The pill interferes with the fertilization of the eggs by altering the cycle of sperm to the matured ovaries. The medicine is more effective the sooner you take it.

The medicine does not prevent any kind of Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD). Additionally, Plan B is not like regular birth control pills, it is made only for emergencies.

When to Take Plan B?

Plan B is not a regular medicine. It should be taken only in the following circumstances-
– When you have missed your birth control pill and indulged in copulation without protection.
– In case of tear of the condom.
– You haven’t placed or forgot to have a vaginal ring.
– In situations like forced sex or rape.

Plan B is Not for you if

– You are pregnant or expecting to be pregnant.
– You have an allergy of any of the component of the medicine.
– Your weight is above 165 pounds.
– You had a medical history of extreme vaginal bleeding.
– You are suffering from Diabetes.

Side Effects of Plan B

The medicine has few side effects too. But none of them is harsh and fades away in a few hours. Following are the adverse effects of the medicine.
– Nausea
– Abdominal Pain
– Fatigue
– A headache
– Dizziness
– Breast Tenderness
– Changes in Menstrual Cycle.
The medicine must be stored at a cool and dry place and at room temperature (20-25 Degree Celsius). The medicine is best for family planning. You can buy it from local drugstores or can order it online from pharmaceutical websites.Plan B

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