How Ovral Birth Control Pills Work?

Family planning is one of the considered topics among couples. Birth control pills play a major role in family planning. Ovral is one such Birth Control Pill which is widely used by women worldwide. Ovral birth control pills are the common contraceptives used by women to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Birth control pills also protect the women from the unwanted pregnancy abortion by preventing the abortion at the beginning stage. The effective rate of Ovral is up to 99.9 per cent if taken regularly and correctly. However, the pill does not work against Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) including HIV (the first stage of AIDS).


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Ovral Action Mechanism

The pregnancy occurs when an egg is released from the woman’s ovary. Then, the fertilized egg gets attached to the woman’s womb where it gets nutrients and develops into a baby. The Ovral pill contains two manmade hormones in a small amount i.e., estrogen and progestin hormone. These hormones disturb the workings of natural cyclic hormones to prevent pregnancy. The contraceptive stops the body from ovulating and also change the cervical mucus, making it difficult for the sperm to find the egg. This is how; Ovral stalls the pregnancy at its initial stage.

How to start with Ovral?

To all the beginners, it is always a doubt in mind to how to begin the Ovral course and is the medicine is suitable for me or not. The best way to know your eligibility for the medicine is to consult a health expert regarding this. If the doctor prescribes the medicine to you, you can buy it either from the local drugstores or from online pharmacies.

It is best to take the medicine at the same time every day. You can take the medicine anytime during the day or at a time which will be easier to remember.

Dosage instructions for Ovral?

The medicine comes in 2 different dosages, 21-day cycle and 28-day cycle. The dosage format of both the pills is quite similar. In the 21-day course, the female has to take a single pill every day at the same time for 21 days. After the completion of 21 days, the next 7 days will be non-medication days. The woman doesn’t have to take any pill for a week. In this week, the woman can expect vaginal bleeding. From the 29th day, one can start the new course.

In the 28-day course, you have to consume the medicine the same as the 21-day course. But the next 7 days, you have to consume placebo tablets (which are given in the package). You can start the new course by the 29th day.

Who should not use Ovral Pills?

  • Avoid using the medicine if you are already pregnant.
  • If you are suffering from heart disorder or a migraine, debar the medicine usage.
  • Avoid the medicine usage if you have faced allergy of any of the medical component of Ovral Pills.

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