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It is easy to ‘Buy MTP Kit online’ also known as Mifegest Kit which is considered as the complete abortion kit as it contains “abortion pills” in combination.

What does 1 MTP Kit consist of?

In this MTP Kit, you will get 1 pill of Mifepristone and 4 pills of Misoprostol. The mifepristone pills are of 200 mg strength each whilst the misoprostol pills are of 200 mcg (micrograms) each. The total strength of Misoprostol pills is 800 mcg.

How many MTP Kits do I require to terminate pregnancy in the first trimester?

You will require 1 MTP Kit if you are 5 weeks pregnant or lesser and in case your pregnancy has exceeded 5 weeks you may need 2 MTP Kits.

How do these abortion pills work?

The Mifepristone pills are the synthetic pills that blocks an important hormone, the progesterone hormone, and the Misoprostol pills create contractions in the uterus and which causes dilation due to which the complete fetal tissue gets expelled out through vaginal discharge or bleeding. This is better than clinics abortion! The abortions pills cost is very less compared to clinical abortion,its less hassle and non invasive.

How to take the doses of MTP Kit?

If your pregnancy age is till 5 weeks or lesser then should start your 1st dose with the single Misoprostol pill. After this pill is taken you will have to wait for 24 to 48 hours then you should take 2nd dose that will consist of 2 doses of Misoprostol pill, later, you should take the 3rd dose which will again be of 2 doses of Misoprostol pills.

These mifepristone pills are to be taken orally with glass of water and the Misoprostol pill are to be taken buccally i.e by keeping them in the cheek pouch for 30 minutes and allowing them to dissolve with saliva. After half an hour of taking the misoprostol pills, you can take a glass of water and gulp down the remaining medicine. Please ensure you do not chew or break the pills and let them dissolve on their own.

If you have already completed and are over 5 weeks of pregnancy then you may need to  two MTP Kits and repeat the procedure twice

When should these pills not be taken?

You should avoid taking the Misoprostol and Mifepristone pills if you are allergic to any of the key abortion ingredients in mifepristone and / or misoprostol.

The MTP Kit does not work if your pregnancy is ectopic, hence we always suggest you to get an ultrasound sound and confirm your pregnancy type before using Mifegest Kit. Use abortion pills for safe abortion only when your pregnancy is uterine.

Usage of these abortion pills below 18 years of age is not allowed or not advisable or take them when you have someone you can trust with you so that they could help you in a situation where you need help. If your are above 35 years then it is recommended that you should take the doctor’s advice and only then you should take these abortion pills.

Make sure if you are taking abortion pills at a place that is nearest to a health clinic so that you can go there in case of emergency.

Do not take these pills if you are suffering from any heart related diseases like cardiovascular disorder, angina or other issues like severe anemia, chronic adrenal failure, inherited porphyria or have any bleeding disorders or any intrauterine disorder.

What are the side-effects to be encountered?

Side effects include bleeding, nausea, diarrhea and stomach cramps which are higher than the normal menses. Some. A list of side-effects that women who have undergone abortion are: headache, dizziness, fatigue, back pain, uterine hemorrhage, vaginitis, anxiety, leukorrhea, sinusitis, fainting, asthenia, leg pain, syncope.

In case of no bleeding occurs or incomplete abortion takes place, a further surgical abortion is highly recommended, but one this method is done you should not continue the pregnancy as this can be dangerous for the mother and this can lead to invalid birth in future. This may even cause birth defects in the child.

What are the drug interactions of this kit?

Mifepristone – Although the mifepristone has not shown any specific drug interaction according to the nature and metabolism of the drug, it is quite possible that medicines like ketoconazole, itraconazole, erythromycin, and grapefruit juice may hamper the work of mifepristone and increase the level of serums in the mifepristone. Further anticonvulsants may decrease the serum levels and hamper the mifepristone metabolism.

Misoprostol – Misoprostol has also not shown any high-end contraindications but if any kind of oxytocin treatment is taken then misoprostol can extend its functionality if taken within 4 hours.


No serious side-effects have been reported in case of abortion with Mifepristone and Misoprostol but in case if it overdoses it may lead to acute signs of adrenal failure.

In case women under doses herself then it can lead to the problem of fetal malformation or birth defects.

Adverse effects of processes like hospitalization, blood transfusion, ongoing pregnancy, or any major complications have not yet been reported if the dosage structure is maintained as prescribed.

How to confirm abortion?

You can take an ultrasound test to confirm whether your abortion was successful after 2 weeks of the procedure and after 4 weeks you can undergo urine test using pregnancy kit to confirm your abortion. Do not undertake ultrasound before 2 weeks or urine test before 4 weeks as it may give you a skewed report.

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15 Reviews For This Product

  1. Avatar

    by Kelly Jacob

    Hello, readers, I am from the UK I was pregnant last month so I placed an order here paid with credit card. I got my parcel in 2 days with overnight shipping. These guys are real and helpful also. Thank you for supporting me.

  2. Avatar

    by Catherine Blanca

    Awesome service and prompt reply for my every query and procedure on how to use mifegest kit. I am from US and I got my parcel in 3 days I placed order for 3 Mifegest kits. Thank you

  3. Avatar

    by Taliea Vicente

    I was aware about the abortion pills as I heard it from my friend. I started with a new job and for me right now dealing with pregnancy was not possible and hence I opted to have an abortion. I ordered MTP kit pill and this medicines helped me to terminate the pregnancy as desired. This process helped me to terminate the pregnancy but was painful. I got relieved after the termination was completed.

  4. Avatar

    by Sharone Greenback

    I was having undesired pregnancy and wanted to terminate it with the help of medical termination. I was not sure about the process so I consulted my gynecologist she suggested me the whole process and also this helped me to have a successful termination. The administration of the pill is easy and can be also you can conduct the process as you prefer.

  5. Avatar

    by Kelly Johnson

    As my gestation period was 5 weeks I did not find any issues to deal with the medical termination. Apart from bleeding and diarrhea, I did not find any side effects of this medicine. These pills helped me a lot as I was working and cannot afford to bring this child in the world I decided to terminate. I first panicked thinking how to everything but these pills for termination helped me to go relax with the process. Today I working and it has been 3 weeks and I have light bleeding and had successful results of the termination.

  6. Avatar

    by Valriana jcob

    It was easier to abort with the help of these medicines. I was 5 weeks pregnant and wanted to terminate the pregnancy due to some health issues. I got the pills from this site and got the termination done. I was not aware of the pills but my friend suggested me this pills and also this site to get the pills. With this site and pills I had terminated my pregnancy completely and now it has been a week and I am doing well only a few cramps strikes sometimes.

  7. Avatar

    by Jacki

    I was 5 weeks pregnant and did not mind continuing with the pregnancy. This was a very tough time for me and I had to complete my strides. I used to think every day but one day I concluded that I am not capable to continue the pregnancy. Hence I ordered Mifeprex pills from this site and these pills helped me to terminate the pregnancy at home which made the termination look like miscarriage and helped me to maintain the privacy of the termination. This was one of the best methods which helped me terminate the pregnancy without spending too much of money.

  8. Avatar

    by Kelly rieger –

    was 7 weeks pregnant and had discussed this with my aunt and she took me to the healthcare expert. I was not ready to terminate the baby but after concluding all the aspects I decided to terminate the pregnancy. The gynecologist prescribed me to get the Mifeprex pills from the online. I ordered these pills form the online store and after using this pill I did not find any sort of bleeding. This site has provided me with the extra pills and I used them. After some time I bleeding and these pills helped me terminate the pregnancy

  9. Avatar

    by Casey Hepburn

    It was easier to abort with the help of these medicines. I was 6 weeks pregnant and wanted to terminate the pregnancy due to some health issues. I got the pills from this site and got the termination done. I was not aware of the pills but my friend suggested me these pills and also this site to get the pills. With this site and pills, I had terminated my pregnancy completely and now it has been a week and I am doing well only a few cramps strikes sometimes.

  10. Avatar

    by Melissa Rasouli

    I was aware of abortion pills and wanted to seek termination but the local pharmacies did not have this abortion pills. I was wanting to terminate my pregnancy urgently and hence asked for help from one of my friend. She prescribed me to get this med online and I ordered them online not only this but the online team also helped me to know the process for using these pills. I received my order on time and after using this med as per the instructions I could have the successful results of termination.

  11. Avatar

    by Ainsley brouna

    I was nervous due to my unplanned pregnancy and it was a bit tough to deal with it. I wanted to abort the pregnancy and hence I searched for online shops which could help me terminate the pregnancy. I ordered this med from the online stores and got then delivered at doorsteps which helped me to maintain the privacy of termination. After I used these pills I got positive and effective results. These meds do not help to terminate the pregnancy only but also helps to maintain the secrecy of termination.

  12. Avatar

    by Sheila warner

    It has been a year since I purchased these and I totally forgot to come back and post a review. These did what I needed them to do and terminated my pregnancy in the comfort of my own home and cheaper than at the abortion clinic. After being very careful for a while and then having a dry spell I came back to get some birth control pills because this site is so trustworthy and because it is cheaper here than trying to go to the clinic!

  13. Avatar

    by Amber bar

    Before I got these pills I went through many of the sites and there were some cases of incomplete abortion due to which I got worried. First I hesitated and then I got these medicines to have a termination. After I took the second pill I had severe cramps and pain and after some time I noticed heavy bleeding and clots. I had complete and successful abortion with these pills and hence I was relaxed because mine was not the case of incomplete abortion.

  14. Avatar

    by Aniana Horri

    As I was pregnant and did not wanted to continue with the pregnancy I consulted a gynecologist to terminate the pregnancy. She helped me to know about the abortion pills and suggested me to terminate the pregnancy with these pills. I ordered this kit from this site and as there were offers and I had to only spend money on medicines the other expenses were saved. Not only these pills helped me to terminate the pregnancy but also helped me to save the money.

  15. Avatar

    by Aniana Horri

    I took a pregnancy test and concluded was 7 weeks pregnant. I and my husband discussed and were not ready to take up the responsibility of the child due to which we decided to terminate the pregnancy. My doctor suggested me to get MTP kit for termination of pregnancy and I got these pills a week later. When I received this kit I noticed that I was offered with more pills of misoprostol which I didn’t use yet as I had a complete termination with the help of kit which was concluded with the help of ultrasound test.

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