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What is Cytolog and why is this pill prescribed?

Cytolog is one of the medications involved in the process of medical pregnancy termination. Healthcare providers prescribe this pill along with one more drug, i.e. Mifepristone/Mifeprex/Generic RU 486. Depending on your pregnancy case and health condition, the medicine is prescribed by the doctor.

The primary purpose of prescribing Cytolog pill is to remove pregnancy tissues from the body and to get an abortion done medically.

What is the Dosage pattern of Cytolog Abortion Pills?

For a pregnancy which is up to 9 weeks of gestation, Cytolog pills dosage goes to four pills. Here, each medicine from the four pills of the four pills is of 200 mcg. Hence, the total dosage of Cytolog pill is 800 mcg.

In circumstances where the fetal growth is more than normal, four pills of Cytolog do not help end the unplanned pregnancy. In such cases, the healthcare provider suggests repeating the dosage of Cytolog a day after consuming the first four Cytolog pills.

Women should note that such a repeat of dosage is done in rare cases where the user does not bleed even 24 hours after the consumption of 4 Cytolog pills.

What are some important points that should be taken care of while taking abortion pills?

Speaking of the administering part of Cytolog abortion pill, there are two ways a woman can administer the pill at home. The first one is the Buccal method, wherein the four tablets are kept in the mouth. The second one Vaginal method wherein the tablets are kept in the vagina. Both ways can be explained as follow:

1.Taking the Cytolog pills buccally:

Have a glass of water before you consume Cytolog pills buccally. This is to ensure that you pills are readily soluble in the mouth. After you drink water, you can keep two medicines on each side of the cheek pouches. After you keep the pills in the cheek pouches, do not chew or gulp them down for the next half an hour. The pills are expected to naturally dissolve in the mouth and start functioning in the body. You can gulp down the remainders after thirty minutes of keeping the pills in the pouches.

2.Taking the Cytolog pills vaginally:

When you take the Cytolog pills vaginally, the first step to be done is to empty your bladder. Hence, you’ll be told to urinate before you consume Cytolog abortion pills. After you empty your bladder, you can sit, squat, stand on one foot or be in any position where you find comfortable to put the pills in the vagina. After you find your position, you can insert the Cytolog abortion pills in the vagina, one, each time. Push them inside with your index finger. With this, the pills slowly dissolve in the body through the vagina, and the functioning starts.

Both methods of Cytolog consumption are equally effective. Whichever method you choose for Cytolog consumption, you must make sure that the instructions are followed properly. Most healthcare providers suggest the vaginal method of administering. This is because the process is not interrupted, even if you vomit or face any side effects.

What to expect after you consume Cytolog abortion pill?

Cytolog pill is made up of elements which contribute to the process of expelling pregnancy tissues from the body. Prostaglandin component is the major of them all. So, after you take the Cytolog abortion pill, the prostaglandin constituents make hormonal changes in the body. This results in the following two changes:


Cramps occur due to the contractions caused in the lining of the uterus. It can happen three to four hours after the Cytolog consumption. Also, it lasts for a couple of hours.


Bleeding, the most crucial phase of the medical abortion procedure is also a result of Cytolog consumption. After the first pill in the pregnancy termination stops the fetal growth, Cytolog expels pregnancy tissues from the body. It occurs within 24 hours of its consumption.

Bleeding can be different for each case. Most women experience it for an average 2-6 days. The bleeding is typically heavier than the normal bleeding. Hence, it is advised that you use maxi pads to soak in the heavy blood passed during the procedure.

When you bleed during the medical termination of pregnancy, the body actually expels the pregnancy contents. If the pregnancy contents have grown big, it can take time to remove the pregnancy tissues altogether.

Who is not allowed to take Cytolog Pill?

You are advised not to take Cytolog abortion pill in the following cases:

  • The gestation of the pregnancy is more than nine weeks.
  • Pregnancy is ectopic .(grown outside the uterus)
  • The user has an allergy to abortion pills components.
  • The user is addicted to alcohol or smoking.

What are the side effects of abortion pills?

The side effects of Cytolog abortion medicine are temporary, and only a few. They include continuous nauseous feeling, which is similar to continued symptoms of pregnancy. Other side effects involve vomiting, swollen breasts, headache, etc.

These side effects go away without having to take any additional medication. However, if the case is extreme or you are sensitive to any such changes, you can speak to your healthcare provider. They can help you with analgesic medications which mitigate the impact of side effects.

Where should you store the Cytolog pill?

It is advised that you store the Cytolog abortion pill at average temperature, away from heat, and children.

The precautions of Cytolog abortion pill:

  • Do not drink or smoke while you are undergoing the medical pregnancy termination procedure.
  • If you are a mother of an infant, it is advised to collect the breast milk before undergoing the abortion procedure. Such a mother should strictly avoid breastfeeding while she is on the pills.
  • Inserting anything in the vagina during a medical abortion can create risks of infections and complications. Hence, you should even avoid having sexual intercourse while taking medications.
  • Do not take a pregnancy test right after the bleeding has stopped. You can take a pregnancy test after 3-4 days to get accurate results.
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15 Reviews For This Product

  1. Avatar

    by Nursemeg8725-34on

    I took this vaginally 800mcg after miscarriage. It was affective but the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. It was so bad my OB admitted me to L&Dfor pain control until it was over. From start to passing of fetal tissue was about 5-6 hours . For anyone taking this take your pain meds try and stay ahead of the pain cause it hits like a brick wall!!

  2. Avatar

    by Roxy25-34

    I was prescribed 3 Cytotec pills to be inserted vaginally at bed time throughout a period of 3 days before my Hysteroscopy. Let me start by saying IT IS NOT EASY! I have never been pregnat, given birth or had a miscarriage. I took my first pill right before bed, about midnight and put a pad on. I woke up with horrible cramps 2 hours into it. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I felt like I was on the worst day of my period with a heavy heavy flow and cramps to the second power. Around 6am I was delirious I had no energy. I felt nauseous every time I moved and I had to move because the cramps just make you ether shake your leg or rock yourself in a little ball. I couldn’t deal so I took 2 ibuprofen 800ml and went straight to bed. I woke up around 9 feeling like I was dying again in a pool or blood. PADS are so not enough! I spend the rest of my day switching out the pads feeling like I had my period, just really really bad. At around 12/1pm I started to feel normal again and the blood got less intense. At around 7pm I was spotting and had a little bit of cramps but nothing crazy. At midnight I did it all over again!!! This time I took 2 Ibuprofens right after I inserted the pills. I used one of my dogs we we pads and placed it under me while I slept and bought way better heavy duty pads. I didn’t wake up till about 5/6am. This time I took half a Oxy, changed my pad and went to bed. Was fine the whole night. Woke up around 11am the next day, showered and went about my day. Still had pain but not as bad. The worst worst pain hits you 3/5 hours after taking the pill. Be heavy medicated and prepare for a heavy heavy flow and don’t forget to drink water.

  3. Avatar

    by anonymous

    I found out i was two weeks pregnant so i bought cytotec drug drank two and inserted two in my vagina,i woke up the next morning with stains of blood,i bleed close to one week.later re-do the PT test it was still positive and am having this awful discharge from my vagina and is black in colour..pls help what should i do next

  4. Avatar

    by momtobe25

    I took 4 pills of Cytotec after a miscarriage. I experienced very minor cramping and bleeding for less than 24 hours. My doctor and I expected much more bleeding so I took a second dose 48 hours after the first does of 4 pills again. After the second does I experienced even less cramping and bleeding

  5. Avatar

    by Alla

    Hi just got my package and thanks for advancing the shipment. Got the parcel within 3 days, ordering from this website is so easy and swift. Thank you once again!

  6. Avatar

    by Annalena Alice

    After placing order online if you have any queries or any further information required is met with an efficient and professional response, usually within 24-48 hours.

  7. Avatar

    by Betty.Harris

    I loved this site for its prompt replies on live chat. Thanks for guidance for the Cytolog pill.

  8. Avatar

    by juli Thomas

    thank you for the service offered. i am very thankful to the entire team

  9. Avatar

    by jolly Smith

    My doctor prescribed me cytolog and I wanted this pill only. It was there on a few other sites but out of stock. Thankfully this site had it

  10. Avatar

    by Nicole Bailey

    The cytolog pill gave me severe cramps and heavy bleeding. After a few hours, I was really worried. But I read information about the pill on their site and they said it was okay to happen. It all went away in two days and abortion was successful too.

  11. Avatar

    by Alisha Carroll

    I can’t tell you much about mifepristone because I did not feel any change in my body but I started bleeding after cytolog, the second pill. I could actually see blood clots passing. If compared with the menstrual period, this one was heavier and stayed longer. It got lighter from the 4th day which finally stopped on the 6th day. I checked my status a week later. No complications and successful abortion. Thanks.

  12. Avatar

    by Mattie Guthrie

    This pill gave me complete abortion and bleeding only lasted for two days. There was pain during the process but nothing after that. Even I email the customer service 2-3 times and they respond within the day. Best online website ever!

  13. Avatar

    by Jessie M. Brill

    All I can think of right now is the one week I spent crying. After I found this website, almost nothing went wrong. I wish I had found this website earlier and relieved myself of my unplanned pregnancy. The pills were really safe and the live chat really really helpful!

  14. Avatar

    by Michael Madden

    As soon as my stomach ache began slightly, I knew that the pill started working. Instead of actually thinking about how much in pain I was, I was really just happy that cytolog was doing its job. I knew what to expect and that just made things easier for me

  15. Avatar

    by Furbeub

    Perfect product ! Arrived on time and got the job done as expected . THANKS

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